We have dedicated this space to all of you who have fond memories of Speke.

We would like to see all of your recorded memories entered on a website page. So we will give anyone who wants to write about Speke, a full website page complete with any pictures that you may like to add. There is no charge whatsoever and your memories of Speke will be included in the website for all to read.

Now..... if you feel that you might make a few mistakes or your spelling is not what it should be ......don't be concerned we edit all the content and spruce it up for you. So have fun recording your Speke memories here on the site.

Send your memories to me by email and I will make sure that they are entered on the website.

Tell us about your childhood days, your work days, the clubs you belong to, the ex girlfriends ,family life and just about anything that you think may be of interest to Speke readers.

You might just like to have a pictures page so send us copies of pictures and we will create a page just for you.

The content of your page must be about Speke, Liverpool 24.


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