A List of Dockers Nicknames

________________________Liverpool Dockers_________________________


Adam: down in the hold, shouts up "God Almighty--am I the only one down here or wot?"

Al Capone: where's the gang?

Altar Boy, the: always with the Bishop

Athlete: runs when there is work to be done

Auctioneer: he'd knock anything down

Aztec, the Black Docker: always saying "Aztec dis, Aztec dat."

Baker: keeps talking about his tart. The kids have left; now it's only him and his tart.

Baldy Rabbit, the: says "lends a tanner I've lost me fare."

Also The Frozen Rabbit: on the borrow, he's lost his fare again.

Ballerina, the: "So I ups and turned round, and told him..."

Balloon: foreman who says "Don't let me down, lads."

Barking Dog: always snarling at everyone

Barking Pup: the barking dog's son, always snarling at everyone

Bat,the: does so many nights he can't see in the daytime

Batman: won't leave the ship without robbin'

Bewildered Minstrel: doesn't know whether he is white or black. This is said to refer to Cilla
Black's father, whose name was White.

Big Ben: he worked while the strike was on

Bird Doctor: says this lark's(job) no good

Bishop, the: always saying " God bless you, boys."

Blacksmith, the: makes a bolt for the door at kitty time

Blessed Art Thou: a great lover (from "blessed art thou among women")

Blister, the: only shows up when the work is over

Blood Donor: a very pale fellow

Bobby Beater, the: says "Let's get stuck into this copper!"

Bostick: things they are unloading just seem to stick to him.

Broken Boomerang, the: won't ever come back

Broken Clock, the: "Give us a lift, I've got a bad ticker"

Broken Globe, the: "We won't get a light out of this."

Burglar, the: "we'll break in here."

Canon Cups: the tea lad (tea can and chipped enamel mugs) for the dockers

Case Ball, the: always getting laced

Cassius Clay: where's the gloves?

Chemist: loads a truck and says "There's morphia."

Chichester: always to be found out in the Atlantic, which is the name of a dock pub

Cinderella: "I gotta be away by twelve."

Clergyman, the: never has Sunday off.

Constipator, the: always has a pained look on his face

Contented Diner: I've got enough on my plate

Coronation Kid, the: she'll crown me when I get home.

Coward, the: wore an old army overcoat with a bullet hole in the back

Deck Hand: always carried his cards with him

Depth Charge, the: "I'm going down for a sub"

Destroyer,the: always after subs( wage advances)

Dice King, the: "I only want seven."

Diesel: "diesel do for our kid, diesel do for me ma." Or: "I think diesel fitter."

Doctor Barnard: "What no overtime? Boss, have a heart."

Doctor Jekyll: I need a change.

Dope Peddler, the: bicycles to work every day when he could drive

Drug Addict: "Here's some morphia here."

Drunken Overcoat, the: staggers out of the gate every night with a full coat

Dulux: a docker with a large coat on, because, as with Dulux, one coat covers the lot

Eddie Calvert: says "let's have a blow."

Fractured Fairy, the: says "Youse must think I fell off a Christmas Tree."

Frightened Fish: won't handle a crane

Frightened Goalie: won't go out for the net

Frozen Rabbit, the: Lend me a tenner ter ger ome, I've lost me fur

Gardener, the: "Finish the job boys, and go and plant yourselves."
Or: always planting himself in the sun.

Ghost, the: always moaning

Good Shepherd: took a sheep carcass or a sheep out of the docks

Guy Fawkes: "this ship want's blowing up."

Happy Family: always coming to work with blackeyes

Harry the Horse: never off his bike

Harpic: he's clean around the bend(daft)

Hungry Rabbit, the: has never got a carrot

Hush Puppy: another son of Barking Dog, told to keep his gob shut.

Hush Puppies: nobody ever heard him getting into the containers

Ink: he's always in the pen(the taking on point)

Jelly, the: "a bit of overtime and I'm set."

Jellypex: he's only got one coat

Jigsaw: whenever he was given a difficult job he went to pieces

Judge, the: always wanted to open a case

Kitten, the: "Is me owl feller down there"

Lame Kangaroo: hasn't had a jump(sex) in years

Larry the Lamb: meek and quiet. When the barking Dog and the Lamb were joined by a third docker, the latter was called The Shepherd

Lazy Solicitor: he went to sleep on a case

Lenient Judge: a foreman who keeps saying "let dat guy go." A guy is part of a sling for cargo

Lino: he's always "on the floor"(short of money)

Little Red Riding Hood: heading away from work toward the canteen, says, "I'm going to me grannies."

London Fog: he never lifts

Lonely Cat: asking for his father, a fellow dock-worker, says "Me-owl feller down dur?"

Lonely Baker, the: "Now the kids ave left, there's only me and the tart"

Lord Nelson: "Keep your eye out for the boss."

Maid Marion: the nights will save me

Man From Planet X, the: says "What on earth is this all about?"

Man in Black, the: always going to a funeral

Mangy Cat, the: kicked out of every yard on the docks

Mangy Kitten: tells the bus driver he hasn't got any fare

Midwife: he's always on deliveries

Mirror, the: says "what you do reflects on me."

Nudist, the: says "the bare thing suits me.'

Olympic Torch, the: never goes out

Parish Priest: works every Sunday, when the pay for overtime is high; or: has always got his mate on his knees

Park Keeper, the: says "mind the swing."

Pearly King, the: because he always would say about a given job, "we got paid buttons for that ship."

Phil (Fill) the Cot: the father of many

Piano: thinks he's put upon, (that they're playing on him)

Plastic Surgeon, the: a really good grafter

Poet: "This job is just like eaven/aven done a tap since alf eleven,"
to which the boss is supposed to have responded, "Ickory dickory dock,/Pick yeh cards up at five o'clock!"

Pontius Pilate: always washing his hands

Popeye: docker known for smoking pipes

President, the: always in the White (ozzy white) House

Quiet Man, the: never says a thing.

Rattler: has false teeth

Reluctant Plumber: he won't do a tap

Robert Mitchum: walks about with a coat slung over his shoulder, smoking a cigarette

Sam Goldwyn: "Lissen, lads, I'll put yer in the picture."

Sammy the Seal: I think I'll float

Scottish Stevedore: "go ahead with pipes and drum"

Sell the Bed: always on nights


Sheriff: foreman who says, "What's the hold up, lads?"

Sherlock: always investigating, but doesn't do that much. His sidekick is known as Doctor Watson

sick pigeon, the: never leaves the loft

Sick Lobster, the: always absent from work because "the two nippers were bad"

Sore Finger: always wants sympathy

Spaceman: Says he is going to Mars (ma's) for dinner

Stanley Matthews: manning a hatch with three others, he says "I'll take dis corner."

Stirling Moss: called that because of the skidmarks on his underpants

Storm Lamp, the: never goes out

Surgeon: keeps saying "cut that out."

Table Jelly: three more nights and I'm all set

Telegraph Boy, the: " Send more wires in."

Tit (h)ead or egghead: a bald docker

Undertaker, the: says "lay em out over there."

Undertaker: says "lay em out over there."

Unknown Soldier: wore a long khaki army surplus overcoat, and was a loner

Van Gogh: always says "I've got one 'ere."

Vicar: keeps saying "Eh--men..." Hard taskmaster: he'll have you on your knees

Virgin, the: I've never done this before

Wallpaper: he's up the wall

Wedding Cake, the: always has a wedding to go to

Weight Lifter: he waits while you lift

Wet Match: never stikes

White Hunter, the: minesweeper of ozzy white

White Hunter, the: always looking for six good skins

Wonder Boy: a looter. He looks at cargo and says "I wonder what's in this, I wonder what's in that."

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